Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Blog goes Naval ... Sinks Shortly Thereafter

Naval warfare was for me one of those "maybe later" topics. Not for lack of interest but actually for lack of time. In particular, the complex, high tech nature of modern naval warfare always fascinated me. So, this week I decided to get "Larry Bond's Harpoon: Advanced Naval Warfare" from Matrix Games and finally get into the virtual seas.

Boy, I better take it easy with this simulator because it is complex! So, baby steps with the tutorial.

Don't get fooled by the looks of this simulator. Ugly looking and all, this thing is used by several naval colleges around the world for training. Click the image to enlarge it.

I'm excited about my "from zero" first steps.



Olav said...


I remember this one!!

I was barely 15 when I found out that the TU-22s could win ww3 all by themselves :P

Keflavik FTW!

Oh, and the Gulf War was won by a handful of diehard Mig25 pilots on afterburners..... splash two AWACS...

JC said...

LOL, Olav!

It is going to be double fun seeing my whole fleet sink after your comment.


VCDH said...

Harpoon...the niche within a niche. If you have any problems, let us [AGSI] know. We'll hook you up.

JC said...


Thanks! I'm making good progress, but surely I'm going to need help later on.