Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising: You Lean That's Mean, Don't Scoot While I Shoot!

I haven't abandoned Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising (OFPDR). The bulk of my gaming time has abandoned me instead. :(

I'm having a blast with OFPDR during homeopathically dosed gaming sessions here and there. The sandbox experience with this game is fantastic. I'm learning how to command a USMC Squad in OFPDR, and so far everything looks dandy. Who knows? I may get competent by the year 2012! :)

As you know, one of the things fans complained about is the inability of your virtual character to "lean" in OFPDR. I've read somewhere in the web that leaning is actually implemented in OFPDR's game engine but somehow the move is unaccessible for the player. For me, "leaning" is not a big deal, but nonetheless I hope they can give us access to it with a patch.

It's mean to pull moves I can't do, Marine! Computer-controlled characters in OFPDR can lean. On an unrelated note: the guy is taking cover behind a tree trunk. Fantastic. Click the image to enlarge.

The other trivial comment I wanted to make today is that I fell victim of friendly fire. In my eagerness to command from the front, I walked through the line of fire of a subordinate and I got instantly killed.

The guy blew my head off, yet we have to call it "friendly" fire. The Marine with the SAW is looking ahead not for targets but rather for my eyeballs. Click the image to expand it.

OK, this is my new personal record for the most trivial, non-sensical, un-called for blog entry. I will refund your time with some more tactical meat and potatoes. Promise. Look, I'm working on it ... like five minutes a day.


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