Sunday, November 29, 2009

Halt Security (Part 1), an ArmA 2 Tactical Vignette

The lone Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) where my Marine Squad and I are riding has been trailing behind our parent platoon because of mechanical issues.

Now it has just thrown a track. It is an estimated forty to sixty minutes before the AAV crew can repair the track or somebody can come and help us. We are immobile.

I order my Marines to dismount and what I see is less than encouraging.

Thick forest to our left and a relatively steep slope to our right. Somebody can sneak through the forest at our left and take a shot at us. Or they can use the crest of the hill to our right as cover to do the same thing ...

The civilians in the village behind us have gathered to watch our misery. They are making up for the missed opportunity to see the full Lima Company when it passed through the village during their sleep. All of the sudden, they bug out in all haste. I bet some bozo at the village must have used his cell phone to call any of the insurgent bands that control these lands from the shadows.

I order the AAV commander to contact the Platoon, deliver a SITREP and ask for help.

We need to establish a security perimeter around the immobile AAV. The insurgents can take it out with a single RPG shot.

To be continued ...


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