Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Easier Squad Command in ArmA2

I've been writing about squad-level actions in ArmA2 with an special emphasis in command. What I have done before is to split my squad into fireteams by assigning different Marines to teams red, blue and yellow. Sometimes I would even put the three SAWs into one team. Though this type of arrangement gives you an exquisite amount of control, it can become a handful when the bullets start flying.

ArmA2 has this new "High Command - Commander" and "High Command - Subordinate" game logic that allows you to create any command structure you may want. The versatility of ArmA2 is really amazing.

Using this "High Command" thing allows you to command each subordinate fire team more easily (not that much keyboard wrestling) either from the first person or map view.

Each icon represents a fire team. I'm really happy about how I could manage to keep each FT at opposite sides of the streets. One thing not so-nice: the "look there" order is not functional (I use that order a lot to orient my fire teams). Click the image for an expanded view.


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