Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Warrior's Rage: The Great Tank Battle of 73 Easting" Trickling into Bookstores

This book is trickling down to the shelves of the biggest bookstores in the Washington DC area. It was about time (it was available at Amazon since the beginning of September)!

I got my copy this morning and browsed it briefly. From what I could read, it looks like a great tactical analysis of the battle, with frequent references to the operational situation. Right at the introduction the author bashes the US Army top brass quite a lot.

I thought the book was going to be a bit more thick. This is a picture of the book on my desk.

Looks like a great read for fans of Steel Beasts ProPE.

More details later.



Anonymous said...

Hi Chelco

Did you get around to reading this? How was it? Not enough good books to provide a background to SBPPE !


JC said...

Hi Hartford!

Nice to see you around here. :)

The book is fan-tas-tic. Very appropriate for SBProPE from the company level and above. It really shows when professional soldiers write about these topics.

There is only one thing that is a bit particular with the book and that is McGregor separating colleagues in two groups: the ones he hates and the ones he absolutely loves. In general, professional critique is good but too much of starts to feel like axe grinding.

My plate is full for the time being, but I am hoping to finish the book soon.


Anonymous said...

Looking at Amazon, that seemed to be a bit of an issue...apparently it was crowded in his Abrams...4 crew and a large axe to grind. I'll maybe get the Ospey "Duel" book on Abrams vs T72 first.

By the way, fabulous blog. Some really good stuff here.



JC said...

Ey Hartford,

That's a good pick too.

All books by McGregor contain something of that. It tends to distract sometimes, although he justifies why he feels that way.