Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Odd finds at an odd place ...

WARNING. This entry may contain mild references to my personal life. Reader discretion is advised. :)

I'm addicted to military-themed books. My sweet tooth for them has gotten more "gourmetized" over the years and the type of hardcore books I long for are hard to find in the average bookstore. During this past weekend, I was almost floored when I spotted great military history books in a store located at a tourist hot spot, just a couple of hundred yards from the beach.

The bookstore in question is Atlantic Books (see google street view below, the store with yellow letters on top), located in Rehoboth/Dewey beach (DE, USA).

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I walked into it expecting to find the regular beach reading stuff you find at most beach side bookstores. Then I spotted "Tank Tactics: from Normandy to Lorraine" (What the hell? I had to drive all the way down to Washington DC to get my copy of that book!). There was more: this store had no less than seven books from Stackpole Military History series. Some of them I had already, others I couldn't get without alerting the book-addiction rehab officers waiting for me at the beach (AKA wife & kids :) ). So, I settled for "Goodwood: The British Offensive in Normandy, July 1944" and a copy of the Washington Post as a wrap to get it ready for a surreptitious infiltration into the beach tote.

Quite a beach-side catch.


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