Monday, July 16, 2018

REPOST: What if they gave a war and nobody came?

This blog has been around for a while. Some of the posts were and are more popular than others. It would be a pity for some of the new readers not to get a chance to read those posts. In that spirit, time by time, I'm going to be re-posting some of the oldies. Be advised, some of them are quite old and may contain inaccuracies, grammar and spelling errors.

I learnt the names of every wood and all the villages, I knew the contours of the hills and the shapes of the lakes in the valley. To see so much and to see nothing. We might have been the only men alive, my two signalers and I. And yet I knew there were thousands of hidden men in front of me ... but no one moved, and everyone was waiting for the safety of darkness.

P. J. Campbell. British artillery officer during World War I.

After 40 minutes of Combat Mission PBEM simulated combat against my friend Olav, I feel the quote above puts it very well.

This is all I knew about the enemy during good part of the battle. Red question marks are suspected enemy positions. The absence of enemy icons reflects that no contact has been made. Click the image for an expanded view.

The modern battlefield is a very empty one.



Olav said...

Its heating up now though....

On ww1, heres a little tactical primer from "Field Marshall Haig" ... :-P

JC said...

Ey Olav,

You bet! :)

Atkinson is a genius. Thanks for the link!


P/S: My turn is in your inbox. :)

Olav said...

Damn...2009! Where has time gone! We never completed this one.

JC said...

Duuude! Good to see you around! What happened with this scenario that we didn't complete?

Olav said...

I remember you problems loading the turn correctly!

JC said...

Well, CMSF2 is around the corner. Just saying ... :)

Johan said...

"Around the corner". Yes, and in Battlefront time, this means the game might actually be released before the end of the year. :-)