Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pattern Approaches with the (DCS) Black Shark

With the release of the DCS Black Shark extended manual, it was just a question of time until seeing the flight instructors of the Virtual Combat Squadron 56 Condor (ECV56 Condor) raise the bar for the squadron's pilots. The veterans among the virtual pilot cadre of the ECV56 are the real deal: they squeeze every single drop of simulation juice out of the DCS Black Shark. There is a sense of airmen pride in this virtual unit, which is great. Sometimes my piloting skills and knowlege are so sub-par that I feel like a party crasher. :)

Right now, the instructors of the virtual unit are focusing on pattern landing approaches. They have posted a couple of mini-missions for practice, one with clear weather and the other one with weather that is poor to even drive a car. (The ECV56 Condor is headquartered in Argentina and the website is in Spanish)

A great evening for flying around the airbase

Turning for yet another approach leg

It's getting late, let's land this thing and have some vodka

The images above from the clear weather mini-mission. Take a look below for the second mission in poor weather.

Somebody please tell me why I signed up for this?

Nothing else to trust but your instruments

I couldn't believe I made it in one piece

I have a lot of things to cover yet. All the flying above done with the help of the ABRIS and tuning into the airport's non-directional beacons (NDB). My approach slope was a living joke.


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