Sunday, August 2, 2009

ArmA 2: Can an Automatic Rifleman Run as Fast as a Rifleman?

In a previous entry, I asked if a Marine automatic rifleman would actually move slower than a rifleman. The automatic rifleman carries more weight than the rifleman and it sounds reasonable to expect a difference in their speed.

To test this, I placed an AI AR and an AI R in one end of the runway at Utes. Each of the AI units had a move waypoint at the other end of the runway. I followed this race from a bike.

Watching the race from the comfort of a virtual bike. Image is clickeable.

It was a perfect tie: both the AR and the R arrived to their destination at the same time.

I'm a bit surprised by this result. That big backpack the AR carries must be empty.



Moyletra said...

From a Brit perspective - the weapon systems may be heavier but the section commander/squad leader should ensure that ammo and equipment is shared equally. In actual fact the rifleman will act as ammo carrier for the gunner. In addition he will also be carrying rounds for the platoon mortar (if British).

JC said...

Hi Moyletra,

Thanks for your comment.

That's great information. Thanks!

What about assault sub-sections/teams during an assault?