Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DCS Black Shark: My Lame Attempt to Toss Bomb

In a previous blog entry, I compiled some information about different weapons-delivery methods of attack helicopters. One of the methods that struck me was the so-called "attack from the climb", AKA "toss bombing".

Here is a graphic showing this attack method:

I've done some toss bombing in Falcon 4 Allied Force but the weapons delivery computer of the F-16 does all the work for you. I remember doing some toss bombing with WWII-era airplanes (IL-2 series) and I only recall hitting a target once.

My question for this entry is: how does toss bombing feels like using an attack helicopter?

Using DCS Black Shark's mission editor, I armed my helicopter with 2xFAB500 (free-fall bombs) and placed a group of fuel tracks as targets.

Huge bombs, tiny wings. Click the image for an expanded view.

After some troubles with finding/locking the targets and aligning my flight path with the targets, I went down to 120+ meters of altitude and pushed the cyclic forward until my speed was ~220 km/h.

The "easy" part the attack run. Note my poor piloting skills as judged by the convoluted flight path in the ABRIS (black lines in the map). Click on the image, otherwise you won't see anything.

At ~2.4 km from the objective, I start a 20 degrees climb and the first thing I notice is that my speed drops dramatically (note to self: this is no airplane, dude). Occupied with watching my airspeed and other parameters, I find myself too close to the targets.

Climbing and too close to the enemy. Click on the image for an expanded view.

I drop the two bombs and to my dismay they just fall down like heavy rocks. I was expecting to see the bombs to continue in an arc, but alas they just went down, with some forward inertia the flight path of the helicopter gave them.

Bloody Fugasnaya Aviatsionnaya Bomba! Click on the image for an expanded view.

I couldn't hit @#$#$ with my bombs, but sure they look pretty when they go off. Click on the image for an expanded view.

Precision bombing is just not my thing. Click on the image for an expanded view.

In closing, I think that these bombs are too heavy for toss-bombing from an attack helicopter. If this attack method is possible at all, I should try to increase my forward speed before the climb.



GregP said...

I would guess your poor results were mostly a function of low forward speed, and I'd be surprised if you could ever get good dive bombing results with a helicopter. In a fixed-wing aircraft you'd probably going at least twice as fast as you were here. I think it's all about momentum overcoming the drag and weight of the bombs. Nice experiment, though!

JC said...

Hi Greg!

You are right, the maximum forward speed you can get with this bird is around 300 km/h. Anything above that speed the bird feels apart. Also, I tend to fly like an old lady :)