Thursday, July 23, 2009

DCS Black Shark 1.0.1 Patch: Read Me File Available

The "read me" for the upcoming 1.0.1 patch is available at the DCS Black Shark Official forums.

And just when I was half-way proficient with trimming of the helicopter, this:
In addition to the original trimmer implementation, in which control input is disabled for 1 second to allow the player to quickly re-center his controls, a new method is included in version 1.0.1, using a different re-centering logic. In the new method, control input is disabled until the player returns the controls to their neutral position. This allows the player to re-center his controls smoothly, minimizing unwanted control input.

The new trimmer logic is optional and is selected ON by default upon installation of the patch. Selection of the trimmer implementation is available in the GAMEPLAY menu of the game options.

The Yaw (heading) autopilot channel functionality has also been redesigned. If the yaw rate is under 3 deg/sec. when the trimmer button is released, the autopilot will stabilize the helicopter heading. If the yaw rate is greater than 3 deg/sec., the autopilot will stabilize the yaw rate to maintain the turn.
This sounds better than the current trimmer implementation. Nonetheless is going to take some time to re-learn.

Totally unrelated image from a previous entry: tactical landing! Do not attempt this at home, folks!


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