Friday, July 31, 2009

ArmA 2 Tactical Vignette #1: Leapfrogging a Marine Squad onto Hill 368 (Part 3)

In the previous entry, I advanced through the danger zone "carrying along" the rest of the squad with me (i.e. the AI squad members advanced trying to keep the formation). In this entry, I write about what happened when I ordered the squad to move 100 meters or so into the danger zone.

In the assembly area (starting point) I ordered the whole squad into a line formation and alerted them ("all, danger!"). Then I selected the whole AI squad and ordered them to move 100 meters into the danger zone.

As you may have known, the AI squads in ArmA2 move using bounding overwatch when they are ordered to advance. As expected, in this case some AI men stayed put providing cover for the others advancing.

Ok, fellas: let's chat a bit less and keep cohesion in check. Image is clickeable.

I don't know if the bounding overwatch performed by the AI is by fire teams or something else. It certainly didn't look like one or two fireteams were left behind with the other/s advancing. If bounding overwatch is left entirely to the AI things tend to get a bit messy, with units advancing way too much ahead (see screenshot above).

Ey Marine! There are unknown men at our front and you are aiming at exactly what ...?. Image is clickeable.

Also of note: when the AI is moving with bounding overwatch, the AI squad members tend to forget your "all, look at that position" order. They shouldn't be berated for this, because they cover the flanks very nicely as shown in the screenshot above.

I'm happy to report that upon contact, the AI Marine squad greeted the enemy with an appropriate volume of fire. The nice thing I noticed is that even when the firefight was still raging, some AI Marines were moving ahead.

Still moving on to Hill 368. Image is clickeable.

The Russian squad was wiped out and the Marines got one man (#9 AR) wounded. The tally was much better than in my previous entry. The only thing negative is how the squad spread too much. May be I should have ordered a move 50 meters forward instead of 100 meters? Thank goodness the danger area was big enough to accommodate our lack of cohesion.

In the next entry: What a Marine would do?

Stay tuned.


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