Saturday, July 4, 2009

ArmA 2 DVD Problems

Oh man, my DVD drive doesn't recognize my ArmA 2 DVD.

Funny thing, my wife's ancient laptop (4 years older than mine) can read the DVD perfectly. So, using my wife's laptop I transferred everything from the DVD into a portable hard drive and installed ArmA 2 into my computer from there. But then of course ArmA 2 doesn't start because the executable looks in vain for the DVD which is not recognized by my computer.

I have three options
  1. Forget about the DVD and get ArmA 2 from Steam
  2. Get a new DVD drive or computer
  3. Wait until the issue is solved, patched or whatever. After 1 patch I remember ArmA not needing the CD in the drive. I doubt this is going to be the case here.
Ah, the joys of DRM!

UPDATE: I got my DVD drive to recognize/read the damn DVD. I had to update the drive's firmware.



Anonymous said...

Oh, if this was the only problem with ArmA 2. I got it from Steam a few days ago, and I have been trying to play it ever since.

There certainly is a gem waiting to get out, but the problems right now overshadow the benefits. Some of the problems:

o The missions are just broken. Far too many times you end up wandering aimlessly around looking for the trigger point. This is particularly problematic in the training missions. There is also no way to re-read the instructions if you missed it, so if those instructions said "go to point x", then there is no way for you to know what you have to do, so you have to restart the mission.

o The light effects are way overdone. It behaves far too much like a video camera would see things, and not how a person sees things. If you played the game you know what I mean.

o I have a fairly high-end machine, and it's still sluggish to the point of being unplayable.

o Mouse pointer is jittering like crazy in the main menu. Fortunately, in the game the problem is much less visible.

o Other AI problems: I was shot, and after canning for a medic, someone else comes and tries to revive me. After failing to do so he calls for a medic "XX, HEAL THAT COOPER" (yes, it really said that) the guy was just standing next to me like a statue, with no medic coming and the rest of the mission playing out with me lying on the ground, bleeding, and another AI character standing like a statue next to me.

o Did I mention how infuriatingly frustrating the camera-like exposure effects are. Please, please change it into something that behaves more like the human eye.

JC said...


Thanks for your comment.

I hear you. Your post kind of suggests I shouldn't bother until it is patched. Your point about performance is worrying, as I don't have a powerful computer.

Ah,yesterday I was all berserk and got stopped from a Steam purchase by some house chores I had to do. Then I saw your comment here.