Sunday, June 28, 2009

"A Gap in the Screen", A New Scenario for Steel Beasts ProPE

This is the same scenario I used for my "hunter-killer platoon" after action report.

The description of this scenario follows.

A US Cav Sq is executing a screen mission in the Iraqi desert. Around 5 AM, the Sq Commander became aware of a 4 km-wide gap in the Sq's screen line. A quick inspection of the gap was attempted and some Iraqi vehicles were destroyed, but it is evident there are enemy vehicles west of the Sq's intended screen line. 3 BMPs and at least 4 T-72s were seen hastily retreating east. Time is now 6:20 and your Cav Plt is tasked with clearing the marked sector of enemy armored vehicles and re-establish the screen line no later than 8:10 AM.

Expected enemy resistance is probably a mechanized infantry Co(-), likely reinforced with at least 4 T-72s.
Your Plt is organized in two "hunter-killer" teams (each one consisting in 2 M3 CFVs and 1 M1 MBT) plus a 2 M3 CFV team. Units located north and south of your sector continue with their screen mission. Watch your fires, we don't any blue-on-blue incidents. The Sq's aerial component is grounded until meteorological conditions improve. No indirect fires allowed due to the close position of the other Plts north and south of your sector. Good luck,

You can download the scenario at the "Real and Simulated Wars Companion Website".


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