Monday, June 15, 2009

An M3/M1 Hunter-Killer Plt in a Hasty Attack: Learning to Punch with the Fingers Spread (Part 3)

The Execution

A side note: I played this scenario jumping from one vehicle to another. This may not be of the liking of simulation purists out there, but I wanted the whole hunter-killer experience for this report.

From 6:30 to 6:49

All teams move forward. Teams 2-A and 3-A, move in a spread out “vee” formation, with two M3 CFVs forward and an M1 tank behind. With the new mixed units feature of v2.146, it was just a couple of mouse clicks to have the M3s and the M1 moving as a formation. I wish it would be an option to spread the formation even more, to have the tank 300 meters behind the M3 CFVs.

Passing through the wreck of an Iraqi recon vehicle. Click on the image for an expanded view.

We scan the terrain ahead, but no victors are found. We cross the only place of our sector where there is some green vegetation.

Situation at 6:49 AM. Bug report: teams 2-A and 3-A show as a single tank icon in the AAR section of SB ProPE.Click on the image for an expanded view.

Team 2-A emerges from the palms in a "vee" hunter-killer formation.Click on the image for an expanded view.

To be continued ...


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