Thursday, June 18, 2009

America's Army 3: Overwhelmed Servers, Underwhelmed Newbie

America's Army 3 has been released yesterday.

I downloaded and installed it late at night yesterday. Then I got to register an account and create a soldier character. All this data gets sent to a server somewhere, I think it's called an authentication server. Then I went into training and afterward lost all my achievements , I don't know why.

Although I couldn't get past two training sessions, I like it and it looks like the most fun lies ahead.

Graphically, the game is appealing and runs at decent frame rates in my aging system. Funny enough, entering my data the interface was a lag-fest. After I quit the game, it took like half a minute for my mouse to respond again. They say the servers were overwhelmed by traffic last night. Maybe this game communicates with those servers a tad too much.

I'm afraid I will leave this one for the future.


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