Friday, May 22, 2009

Panther Games Offer an Unrivaled Command Experience

Panther Games is a small war games developing company based in Australia. They developed a series of war games in which you command troops at a level of warfare situated between the tactical and operational (divisions and brigades) during WWII.

The games from Panther are not your average WWII war game.

To start with, the representation of time and space in this series has no pre-set boundaries (no hexes, no turns). The games are also historically accurate and the mechanics of real-life combat and movement are exquisitely modeled.

But in my opinion the most revolutionary feature of this game series is how it implements a command structure in which you can delegate tasks to a virtual staff that will carry them on. Carry them on very efficiently, I must add because the artificial intelligence of these series is outstanding. You can order a brigade, a battalion, a company (whatever your choice down to the smaller unit represented, the platoon) to move, probe, attack, etc., and the virtual staff will execute such orders, moving accordingly all the units involved. No need for you to push around every single icon in the map.

It doesn't end there: you staff will need time to execute your orders. If you order a battalion to attack a hill, they will need an hour at best to organize themselves for such a tactical mission. If they are under fire, or if you have been giving too many orders (simulating staff overload), it may take even more. This orders delay system is unique and forces the player to think ahead on time about how the battlefield is continuously changing.

Panther Games newest production, "Battles from the Bulge" is in advanced beta-test stage right now. The release is planned for this year.


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