Monday, April 6, 2009

Steel Beasts ProPE v2.46 Upgrade: Shipping Now!

For the charges of not being up to date in following the news on the upcoming upgrade of Steel Beasts ProPE: guilty as charged, your honor ...
Also, guilty as charged on procrastinating my pre-order of the upgrade at a discount price.

This morning I purchased the upgrade and I noticed that the discount rate didn't apply to my purchase. On closer inspection the eSim store has the full upgraded version of Steel Beasts ProPE already listed. I rushed to the official eSim forums and found this post made yesterday by Ssnake, stating:
Well, actually the packing will take most of the weekend. Shipping will start this Monday.
It is very likely the upgrade CD is shipping already for those who pre-ordered.


UPDATE: Tom tells us he received his upgrade copy. See comment below. It's happening. Thanks Tom.


tom s said...

Considering I got mine in the mail a few minutes ago, I'd say it's shipping all right.

JC said...

Lucky guy Tom! :)
Thanks for sharing the good news. I will edit this entry soon.