Saturday, April 18, 2009

Steel Beasts ProPE v2.46: Breaching Operations

In this "classic scenario" a company-strong US force has to breach through a minefield and make its way through fighting. The detail in which engineer operations are modeled is outstanding.

MCLIC-M113s move forward to start the breach. Part of the assault force waits in the background. Image is clickeable.

A MCLIC-M113 moves past a M1 MBT that is providing support by fire. Image is clickeable.

An engineer M113 in the forefront passes by a MCLIC-M113 on its way to mark the breach. Image is clickeable

An M1 MBT negotiates de breach. Note the breach marks the engineers deployed. Image is clickeable.

Better keep moving or enemy artillery will dispatch you. A platoon of mineplow-equiped M1 MBTs move forward to avoid de metal falling from the sky.


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