Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Combat Mission Shock Force-Marines Module Released

Battlefront, the company that developed the venerable "Combat Mission" war games has released the Marines module for its Combat Mission Shock Force war game.

The new module features US Marine units and new Syrian units like the T-90 main battle tank. Changes have been also made to many tactical AI (TacAI) behaviors and responses. Installation of the Marines module patches the game to v1.10.

I have a lot of hope regarding the Marines module and the v1.10 patch.

I certainly hope that changes to the tactical AI will make this game enjoyable for me again. In particular, as featured in one of Battlefront's game play videos, one change for the TacAI is being able to fire back and continue moving while under fire. Could this new behavior be the solution to the so-called "crawl of death"? Apparently yes! In other game play video, one Marine unit gets ambushed and returns a great deal of fire (including grenades!) and move quickly out of trouble (as opposed to just dropping to the ground and crawl towards secure death like in v1.08). Will this change in the TacAI result in a more believable computer opponent that doesn't insist on marching though the lines of fire of the enemy until no one is left standing? I am looking forward to find the answer to this question. Battlefront also mentioned that they made changes so the virtual troops will "hug" walls and corners better. MOUT scenarios should be more realistic now.

I will post more impressions later.

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