Monday, May 21, 2018

DCS World - Taking the J-11A for a Spin

A couple of weeks back, along with the release of an update for DCS World, there was a free flyable aircraft for the owners of the Flaming Cliffs module.

The J-11A is a licensed Su-27SK and the free aircraft is not just a re-skinned version of the Su-27. You can read all about it here.

One of the most useful combat multipliers for the Su-27 and the J-11A is the datalink, which presents the pilot with an instant tactical picture of the bogeys/bandits when you have the AWACS or GCI to support him.

In the quick set-up/mission I put together in the mission editor, I added a KJ200 and a couple of radar ground stations to keep me updated on the position of 2 F-15s which are apparently RTB after a daring incursion into our airspace.

Oh, yeah. Both the tower and the AWACS talk Chinese to you!

Full AB for take-off (love the fiery reflection on the fuselage), and those R-77s waiting to be fired.

My wingman and me (circle icons) sneaking behind the F-15s (y-shaped icons) with our radars off. They are clueless about us. To be honest, our only chance is not to be seen.

The works of one of my R-77s is about to crash in the forest below.

While I go for the second F-15.

This cockpit I have intermittently occupied since the Flanker 2.5 days.

Next, I'm going for the fun part: 2 vs 2 BVR, heads on engagements.


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