Friday, November 4, 2016

Flashpoint Latvia Episode 6 - Arma 3 - The Eve of War

This narrative is fictional. No political point is intended.

For the border detachments of the Latvian National Armed Forces, the routine patrols were shoved aside and replaced by orders of hunkering down and prepare for a quick withdraw east.
The patrols of the 25th Infantry Battalion located north of Morozovka chose to stay a kilometer or so from the actual border. The particular 3 man Latvian sentry team in this narrative was not expecting to see action and was readying up to withdraw west when they saw Russian SOFs moving towards their position.

It was early evening of D-1 day of the Russian invasion, and as you will see war arrived early for some.

A young Latvian NCO scanning the border.

The Russian SOF team moving towards the border line  (not show here). The confidence of this team (moving in the open) confused the Latvian sentries, making them wonder if it was part of a ruse.
The Latvians were outnumbered but not precisely outgunned. The Mk-19 grenade launcher was about to be the great equalizer.

A couple of warning shots didn't do too much to the Russian's advance.

Devoid of any optical aid, the aiming of the Mk-19 is tricky. This particular Latvian position was a hasty one for which no pre-ranging was performed.

Some rounds falling short of their target. The man in the foreground is a Russian SOF seeking cover inside a farm building.

But once the ranges of some landmarks were guessed, the Mk-19 was properly zeroed and then  it was relatively easy to neutralize the Russians. In this image, another Russian SOF moves towards the Latvian position. A grenade explodes in the background. Welcome to Latvia! 

And the Russians' advance collapses under the weight of the lone Latvian Mk-19. In this image, two injured Spetsnaz retreat, limping all the way back to their line of departure.

But eventually grenades caught up with them and the border was left deserted while the Latvian sentries packed their Humvee.


Anonymous said...

Good work, enjoying the series.

JC said...

Thanks for reading. More is coming soon.