Friday, August 19, 2016

Graviteam Tactics Fall Blau - Second Battle Video AAR

The second battle video AAR is up, fellows. After my enveloping maneuver (which I am not sure it succeeded, look at the last part of the video), the Soviets counter-attacked.

With just two platoons of infantry available, I chose a very optimistic deployment -one platoon forward, a second one as a reserve- and waited for the attack. I was not allowed to dig in, I suppose because my troops were just pulled out from the previous dawn attack. But the treeline offered some sort of cover and concealment.

After a good Soviet artillery pounding, the Soviets moved across the open terrain and were stopped, although to many losses in our side.

At a certain point in the battle the terrain surrounding my men's deployment came to life with Soviet infantry trying to flank us. I had to use my second platoon to attack them by fire.

It was a good infantry fight and I can't wait to see how the campaign will unravel. It is still morning and the rest of the day will be very interesting.

Here is the video. Please watch it in YouTube if  you want to see it in high resolution.


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