Thursday, July 21, 2016

Team Yankee Back in Print

The unforgettable Team Yankee novel, by Harold Coyle is back in print. Besides the Kindle version, which has been around for a while, now you can pre-order it in a physical book by Casemate Publishers.

Last week my son and I visited Historicon 2016 (a miniatures gaming convention) and dropped by For the Historian's stand.

For the Historian's stand at Historicon 2016. That's where I found just a couple of copies of Team Yankee. Thanks to the owner for saving me one.

Historicon is always a great convention. We usually go for one day and hang around gaming tables and stands, even when we don't play at all.
Coming back to Team Yankee, the new edition is revised and expanded. I am re-reading the book yet again, and I am hoping to reach those passages and corrections.



Granger44 said...

I still remember the first time I read this book. Might have to check out this new edition to see what's been changed or added.

Johan said...

This is a great reminder of all the hundreds of books that I've owned for years, and have not had time to read yet. Team Yankee is one of them. I'll probably just skip the old version now, and get the new, updated one instead.

NW said...

Very interested in what the revised content is; would happily re-purchase if it's an adjustment of the novel to take into account what we know now of Soviet doctrine and equipment at the time.

JC said...

Thanks for your comments. On how much is revised and expanded, there is only a small addendum in the preface about how the author became more familiar with the Bradley IFV after he wrote the book.

We will see.


Ramses said...

Does the new version also have maps in them? My old, worn-out red cover version has them and I found them to really add to the immersion. Nice find by the way.

JC said...

Hi Ramses,

The new version has the same sketches as the old one.