Sunday, March 6, 2016

Graviteam Tactics Mius Front - How to Tow AT Guns

War gamers tend to consider AT guns as static weapons, mostly a system that is deployed at the start of an scenario and never to move too much.

On the move.

In this scenario I had an AT gun platoon which needed to move to support a defensive line kept by infantry. This gave me the opportunity to check out the new (?) towing system of Mius Front.

My AT gun platoon (foreground) needs to move in support of the main line of resistance (infantry, red icons in the background). In the screenshot, the steps to get the trucks to tow the AT guns.

The task of getting the guns in tow was a bit complicated because of the trenches.

Arriving at the new position, the first gun is about to be deployed.

The main defensive line - a company of infantry - did what it could with the small AT gun they had organic to their order of battle.

Two AT guns have arrived and deployed to the vicinity of the main line.
Some desperate action ... The odds are not good for my AT gun (foreground)

This crew took a direct hit to the armor plate of the gun ...

... But after the initial shock and two deaths, they came back to their weapon and continued fighting.



Jayson Ng said...

5th screenshot. Notice the German guy with the Russian gun (PPSh)? I've seen some of my guys use a SVT rifle.

Marco Diaz said...

Yes, it simulates the german preference for captured submachine guns..., it's almost too good to be true this game. It's terrific.

badanov said...

PAK 37s or PAK 40s? Inquiring minds wanna know...

JC said...

Pak 40s, I think (?).