Monday, December 14, 2015

Achtung! The New Panzer Battles (Battles of Normandy) is Coming!

Look Matthias, I don't even need my binoculars to see the release coming our way.

John Tiller Software will simplify your Christmas list with the impending release of Panzer Battles, Battles of Normandy.

The designer's notes have been floating around different wargaming discussion forums already. I just took a peak at them and saw the notes for the Verrieres Ridge scenario for which I published an AAR a few weeks ago.

A couple of pages of the designer's notes document. A lot of work has gone into making this game.

As for the game itself, I can't keep myself out of it to write or do anything else. So here is a screenshot.

The 3rd Battalion of the 41st Armored Infantry Regiment is on the spotlight. Always remember that battalions were the main tactical unit in WWII. 
Stay tuned for further updates.



David Freer said...

Thanks JC! I love the photos of the German squad in the SPW. This was one of a series of photos of Panzer Lehr on July 11th, 1944 (we feature them in our le Dezert scenario). There are some close up photos that show such a broad range of 'human' expressions that the image could have been taken yesterday. I'm excited to be releasing the game very soon and I hope people see the care and love put into it....


Fierce Freddy said...

Just got the email that the game is released. Going to pick it up ASAP