Monday, December 1, 2014

Red Team Army (Forces, Operations & Tactics), SMARTbook by the Lightning Press

With an emphasis on small units (regiments and below), this recently released book covers and extends the Red Army doctrine, tactics techniques and procedures that the US Department of Defense has published as guides for OPFORs.

What makes this SMARTbook interesting is the expert extrapolation of what it was published by the US DoD during the '80s and '90s. Based in the heritage of the Soviet Army, the book provides insight on how the Russian Army may operate in the future. The Red Team Army name is used through the book as a place holder, but it very likely applies to the Russian Ground Forces.

This book is great for mission editing in DCS World, ArmA 2, Steel Beasts ProPE, Modern Campaigns, Graviteam Tactics and the upcoming Combat Mission Black Sea.



TheShatteredSword said...

Very interesting. Do you know if its possible to read the digital edition on a Amazon Kindle Fire HDX?

JC said...


This thins uses Adobe Digital Editions. If your device can run that, you can read it.