Friday, April 4, 2014

Combat Mission Red Thunder - Screenshots

What a weekend of gaming we are getting folks! The newest from is out today and boy it doesn't disappoint.

Let's take a look at Operation Bagration, through the Combat Mission lens.

The unfairness of the road ahead is astonishing. So much fun for me, so much misery for my pixel desants.
Armor rolling on the open. We may have grown too cozy to the concealment in Normandy, the defiles of towns and cities of Holland and the cover of the hills in Italy. Time to get back to armor tactics in their proper element.

German armor crews scanning the terrain ahead from the very edges of a patch of thick woods. 
On point, dismounted, the Soviet desants prepare for one of the best Combat Mission scenarios I ever played. And the fight of their lives.

Armor-infantry cooperation is crucial for the player commanding the Russians. The unobstructed lines of sight are very deceiving and the Germans have blocked the terrain with obstacles and covered the avenues of approach with AT guns.

A scene from the same scenario of the previous image. If you see it too easy, don't do it! I shouldn't have sent my men through that bridge over a tank ditch.

Soviet armor slugging through the German fire traps.
Combat Mission Red Thunder includes new and significant improvements in the game engine. One of the most exciting is the availability of triggers in the scenario editor. Stay tuned for a blog entry regarding triggers, how they work and what they do.



Doug Miller said...

Started playing it here too, and it looks a treat!

badanov said...

Bagration was 70 years ago this coming up June 22nd

Bly said...

Nice pictures, JC. I really like then and wish to use them as a wallpaper. Can you upload bigger versions of them if you have any.