Thursday, January 16, 2014

DCS Flaming Cliffs 3 - The Battle for Poti: Last Shots of D1

1820, local time.  Senaki, day one of the Second Russia-Georgia War. After the gruesome losses of the previous hours, there is still a fight in the Russian Air Force. One last stubborn attempt to dent the Georgia-USA Patriot missile batteries at Senaki is met with no less resolve.

This is a custom-made single player mission edited and played with DCS World Flaming Cliffs 3.0 (FC3). I am flying as the leader of a two F-15Cs sortie (USAF). Taking off from the Batumi Airport, our mission is to intercept a flight Mig 27Ks and its Mig 29 escorts. The Russian aircraft appear to be targeting the Patriot missile batteries at the Senaki airbase. 

After taking off from the Batumi airport, we quickly head northeast to an orbiting position near the Senaki airbase. 

The beauty of the early evening lights on the perfectly clear sky say little about the violence, the deaths and the struggles of this war. We sink in our seats as we take one last high G turn towards our orbiting position. 
After checking in with our AWACs, we start our radar scan. Multiple contacts, hostiles inbound from the north.

We position our flight with the Senaki airbase as a shield while I plan our engagement.

I know, I already showed this screenshot. This time, please notice the Patriot missile contrails arching up from the Senaki airbase.

A Patriot missile aching for a target. Note the Senaki airbase in the background below.

A Russian Mig 27K shot down by a Patriot missile.
Jettisoned ordnance from already dead birds of war, in this case Kh-25 MPU missiles from a Mig 27K.
The Patriot missile battery at Senaki, hard at work.
The Patriot battery cleaned up the sky within minutes and my fligh was left without targets. We returned to base without a weapon shot.



RangerX3X said...

Hey JC I am somewhat confused about the requirements of this game. It says on the DCS website that FC3 requires the original LOMAC (quite an old game at this date, but I do have it), then it says it is integrated with DCS World. To me those are two totally different things. And are you playing FC3 on Steam or outside of Steam?

JC said...

Hi Ranger,

Yes, you are spot on. You need LOMAC installed in your computer to install FC3. It's some silly legal leftover from the Ubisoft days. You can remove LOMAC after installing FC3.

I'm playing FC3 and all the DCS stuff outside of Steam.


Ghost0815 said...

Ranger, if you will be able to fly the F-15C/Su-27/Su-33 and MiG-29A/S/G in the future without LockOn.

At the moment you can only grab Su-25 and A-10A from the FC3 package without having LOMAC installed.