Sunday, September 8, 2013

ArmA 3 Beta, Not for Long!

The release date for ArmA 3 is September 12th! The guys who are subscribed to the development branch of the game got a lot of new units with the latest version. The tanks have arrived, and a new guerrilla faction. I have played this afternoon non-stop for 3 hours. Hopefully I will have an AAR before the release. On the meantime a few secreenshots.

Iranian T-100s in a long range engagement.
A British M2A1 "Slammer", a Merkava spinoff built in Europe according to the official manual. This (very?) small tank has accommodations for 6 infantry. I've read of the intentions of the IDF to move past the concept of the IFV and go straight for a tank that can transport troops ... But this thing looks very small. 
A local guerilla finds himself short of range for his rocket launcher.
This Altian Air Force looks like a trainer jet ...
The Shilkas are nowhere to be seen as they were replaced by this modern AAA armored vehicle.


badanov said...

Those tanks look like one of the later day speculative Soviet tank designs from Twilight 2000 RPG. I may even have an old game booklet, if I can dig it up.

JC said...

LOL. That and now the DayZ
guys around too!