Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The New and Revamped Armor Magazine's Web Home is Great

The Armor Journal is a great companion for your forays into Steel Beasts ProPE and Combat Mission Shock Force.

This may not be exactly news for many of you out there ... But here it is nonetheless, from eArmor:

ARMOR magazine is the Armor Branch’s professional-development bulletin, printed quarterly and found on-line athttp://www.benning.army.mil/armor/eARMOR/.


  • Provides a forum to assist the Chief of Armor in explaining Army doctrine, policy or other definitive information;
  • Enables the exchange of information and ideas, thereby enhancing mission-related professional dialogue between the Armor School and Armor Branch soldiers;
  • Provides professional development to leaders and Soldiers;
  • Encourages esprit de corps through our Distinctive Unit Insignia series.

eARMOR is ARMOR’s Web-based operation, of course, but more, eARMOR as a portal:

  • Provides enhanced research capability through linkage with Donovan Research Library’s digital collections (coming soon; eARMOR is in its infancy at initial operating capability (IOC) now);
  • Posts articles not published in ARMOR (available on the Web only) biweekly to make information available in a more timely manner and locate Armor-related news in a centrally accessible place;
  • Reinforces branch esprit de corps by offering a heritage section with an historical article series not found in ARMOR as well as ARMOR’s popular “Featured Unit”;
  • Exploits the wealth of historical knowledge ARMOR readers have with the “historical series” (featuring notable Armor leaders as well as Armor-related battles, battlefields and equipment, for instance);
  • Provides a central location for links to Armor School social-media presences that will enable the Armor community to better navigate the Internet for Armor-specific information;
  • Provides (in the future) Armor-centric multimedia products such as videos and slide presentations to give visually oriented people information in the format they prefer.

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