Friday, May 3, 2013

DCS World Gets an Update and a New (Beta) Chopper

Both and update for DCS World and the DCS: UH-1H Huey have been released a few days ago.

In view of the usual servers' clogging immediately after release of anything, I procrastinated a couple of days until today and then treated myself to this fine update and new module.

The DCS: UH-1H Huey beta module is the first third party commercial project to grace the virtual skies of Eagle Dynamics. The Belarus-based company Belsimtek has done a fine job that has nothing to envy to the high fidelity previous releases A-10C and Ka-50.

I just spent a couple of hours flying the Huey and I am hooked. It will take some time to perfect the control of this helicopter, so if you get it take it easy, be patient and practice.

A Georgian UH-1H Huey

A Huey from Abkhazia.
Automatic start sequence. I am not smart or brave enough to do it properly ! :)

Before you put your virtual butt in the pilot's chair, the first thing you have to say goodbye to is hands-free control. This bird requires continuous input from the cyclic while in flight. Once you get the muscle memory, you don't even think about it and the Huey flies like a charm.
This is just a hover check before take-off. Hovering also may take some practice, but is no different than in other flight sims like MS Flight Simulator X or X-Plane 10. 
Hover check. I have to learn how to get those door gunners to shoot at something.


Marco said...

Excellent, I'll buy it WHEN they put some Vietnam era stuff, it's a shame when you pass with a 1st Cavalry Division Huey with Hendrix in the background.... over a Humvee in Georgia.

GregP said...

Although I support all third-party DCS developers, thus far UH-1H has been the first module that I don't plan to buy. My basic objection is this: I just don't see what's "fun" about flying the Huey. As I understand it, the actual combat applications are really limited, meaning that you're essentially 'just' flying. In my mind the DCS series should always be about combat, but this module looks to me like something that would be more appropriate for the MSFS or X-Plane series.

So can anyone explain it? What exactly is the appeal of this module?

Jerry said...

It would be fun if you can fly medevac missions in it.

Route Clearance said...

I'm with Greg, though I did buy it.

I understand the Huey, why it was chosen for development, but it doesn't negate the fact that it has almost zero applications on a 21st century battlefield where it's outclassed at every turn.

A F-104 Starfighter, a Mig-21, a Gen-1 Cobra (Vietnam Era), a T-2?

It seems DCS is becoming more and more just a pile of random modules without any reasonable relation to each other.

Johan said...

DCS is not limited to the modern era, as the existing and announced modules show. The plan is to add more and more content for all the different eras in the future. Yes, right now things are very limited for WWII and other pre-modern eras, but everyone knows that and can make their own choices about what to buy or not.

Felipe said...

"In the future!"

In may or may not happens. First we pay, then we pray.

I´m still praying for Nevada, not that it would be any better than that boring Georgian terrain, its only for a change.

Johan said...

Of course, no one can predict the future with any certainty. I was just responding to the talk of random DCS modules with no applications on a modern battlefield. The stated intent of Eagle Dynamics is to relese content for all eras in the future, including maps, aircraft modules, structures, ground vehicles, etc. Exactly how that will turn out, nobody knows yet. Until then, everyone just has to make their own decision about what to buy. Obviously, a lot of people are buying the Huey module.