Friday, March 22, 2013

ArmA 3 - It's Not Always Sunny in Stratis

Can't un-glue myself from ArmA 3. Come on! There is not too much virtual hardware or real estate to play around.

Last night I got a chance to start seriously testing a mission I assembled in the editor. It's a tactical surface water infiltration mission: a group of six NATO divers must secure intelligence assets caught in the middle of the blitz the Iranians discharged on the island of Stratis.

The thing that caught me during this first test was the immersion factor. I'm not a "bang-bang-boom-ooohhh" type of gamer. Indeed not a shot was fired before I called it a day. Neither I need a compelling narrative to enjoy a good scenario. But I was sitting there in the assault boat, with a storm throwing its last fists, and I cringed at the mission and all that has to be accomplished.

Iranian infantry patrolling Stratis.
A good tactical diver doesn't hate bad weather. It welcomes it as the best of friends.
Back to reality now, I noticed that as soon as I mount those divers into the boats, they loose their backpacks. More editor fun before the shootout, I guess.



Johan said...

Yes, Arma 3 is already amazing, as only an Alpha with very limited content. And considering that it's not only more weapons and vehicles that will be added through the Beta and until the final release, but new mechanics and functions too, the final game will surely be epic.

Looking forward to see more of this maritime mission...

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

Arma 3 does look incredibly good! the graphics are nice and I would really like to explore the maps. Anyway best of luck with testing it out.

James Carter said...

I have 3 Alpha Lite keys available to give away if anyone wants one. They allow you to play in single player only and to use the in-game editor to create your own missions.
Steam is required.

RangerX3X said...

Maybe it is just me, but in the pic of the diver lying on the raft, it seems as if there is no pistol in the leg holster. IMHO, if that is the case it is quite lame they still have not corrected this oversight. The mod community has done it years ago; I cannot understand how the developer can just ignore it after all these games and all this time. It is the little things that kill immersion.