Monday, July 30, 2012

Rumored: ArmA 2 - Army of the Czech Republic DLC Available Now

Apparently, the new DLC for ArmA 2 is available. Two new maps and Czech Army units.

Can't post a link right now (posting from a tablet ...), but it looks like the info is legit.

EDIT: purchase link.


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Jayson Ng said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'm not into Czech stuff but new toys and campaigns are always welcome.

JC said...

New toys! Looking forward to play around with them. :)

Bryan said...

Picked up the expansion yesterday (ACR). Talk about terrible. After all of the issues and pit-falls that BIS has had in the past with Q&A and testing, I'd have thought they would've learned their lesson by now. It's like one major step back to be honest. I say avoid it.

JC said...

Hi Bryan,
Haven't been able to even take a look at the new maps and units. Is it the missions letting you down?

Bryan said...

It's a myriad of issues, mate.

The first thing I noticed on the initial mission (and the rest) were the vast amount of spelling mistakes. This alone doesn't kill my gaming experience, but it certainly will make me pay more attention. If they failed to even properly review their work prior to release, what else could be wrong?

The units, vehicles, and terrain have some of the worst texturing I've seen in a long time. ACR is also fraught with numerous bugs and scripting errors were some missions launch and some don't, were some missions can be completed and others can't.

It's as if they threw this expansion together from the CZ VBS2 components. Shoddy work at best.

JC said...

Yeah, I don't know, my expectations were low I guess.