Friday, June 22, 2012

Shack Tactical's Massive Multiplayer Coop Video

Dslyecxi, the ArmA legend behind Shack Tactical, has posted a video of a coop mission which had around 93 players. Introductory mission for new group members.

Enjoy and comment, please!


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Silent Hunter said...

Great stuff. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I do not know what time period this is suppose to take place during but if it is supposed to be now then with basically two rifle platoons there was a distinct lack of saws, scoped rifles (squad/fireteam marksmen), and medium mg (m240). Heck I didn't even see any grenadiers but i was skipping through it. Despite the unrealistic aspects of this video it was still nice to see that many people coming together.

Johan said...

Anonymous, read the description of the video again, it was an introduction for new players. You have to learn to function as an infantryman with a rifle before you start taking on specialised roles like machinegunner, sharpshooter and such.

Jayson Ng said...

I think they use the M27 IAR. It is a light support weapon derivative of the HK416. It looks like a normal assault rifle.

Desdinova said...

Jayson's right.

ShackTac do without sometimes. The M27 IAR allows them to bring along a pseudo-Automatic Rifleman while still making their preFNGs learn to be riflemen. I don't fully understand the logic, myself. One of my players said there's a less drastic change if you switch from a rifle to an M27, but I can't really feel weapon handling in Arma 2.