Sunday, March 4, 2012

ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead - Named Area of Interest "Viking" - Fear in Shades of Green: Covert Attrition

Even for non-special forces, the acme of the infiltration-exfiltration combo is the enemy not knowing of your presence.

But in the context of our long term mission, that BMP wasn't going to make our lives easier when the day to attack the outpost comes.

The way down from the hill was fortunately uneventful, yet the enemy patrol at the base has shifted and partially blocks the route we used in our way in.
Under the cover of the sparse trees down the hill, we find the enemy BMP showing us his back.  

This was totally non SOP, but this enemy asset will be a major headache to deal with during our future offensive. We decide to blow it up, even at the cost of operational surprise.
Planting a satchel charge with a remote detonator.

We move all the way out of the enemy area and detonate the explosive.
The eerie dance of lights and shadows, part searchlights, part the fire after the explosion. We are moving out towards our vehicle.

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