Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ArmA 2 - The High Ground ... Sometimes You Have to Avoid It

This is a video captured during an ArmA 2 online session at SimHQ. These sessions are called Military Monday, and the players practice real life C2 and tactics.

This entry goes with a big disclaimer. I do not intend to criticize the regulars at SimHQ's Military Monday, who are one of the most tactically-oriented ArmA 2 online players out there. Leading and coordinating real people is far more challenging than doing the same with AI bots in cute little canned scenarios like I do. So, hats off to you SimHQ community members for these sessions full of serious tactical fun. As I was trying to pull my men back from high terrain in the middle of enemy fire (see my latest ArmA2 blog entry) I remembered this video which I saw many times. I thought of sharing it here. 

This video shows great tactical proficiency: good use of terrain for an attack by fire mission, use of bounding overwatch, clearing and isolating an area before neutralizing an enemy asset. However, at 4:52 the fire team returns to the high ground and gets pinned by enemy fire from what appears to be multiple directions.

Off course, the lack of cover didn't help either.

Food for thought.



KlarSnow said...

Heyo! know I've posted on a video or two before that you have put up, I am one of the regulars at SimHQ and was involved in this mission. Just to give a little bit more light on what happened there. (if my memory serves) we were pinned down by the enemy in the jungle and forest area, picking us off as we tried to crest the ridge. This was also due to an unexpected human sniper on the OPFOR side who was picking us off and pinning us down quite efficiently. The terrain on this mission is the primary difficulty as no matter how we have approached this mission it is almost always FUBAR quite quickly, it is either too close and we get surrounded by large enemy forces, or the distance combined with the jungle destroys the SA of the teams very quickly and results in situations like this occurring. Don't know if we have ever actually accomplished the objectives in this particular scenario.

Mike said...

I'd really love to join you guys for some coop. I'm a real life armor/cavalry officer, so this stuff is like a 'check on learning' for me. Looks like a fun session

Durando said...

Don't know the particulars of their brief, but it looks like they used the same exfil route. Were they on their LZ? Why didn't they break contact?