Monday, March 14, 2011

Pride of Nations - The Next Grand Strategy Game from Paradox is Revving Up

Take a look a this interview with Philippe Thibaut, head honcho of AGEOD.

All the recent buzz means one thing and you know it ... Release is close!

Box art looks fantastic, BTW. You don't mess with this guy!



Jerry said...

I wonder how different it is from Victoria II which seems to be about the same subject.

Jomni said...

Victoria II is EU engine. Pride of Nations is Ageod engine. I find the Ageod game engine more streamlined and approachable. It does combat more accurately as well.

JC said...

Hello, gents.

From the little that I could play with the preview copy of PoN, it looks like some new goodies are in order for the AGE engine. I don't know, need to play more.