Friday, March 18, 2011

Pride of Nations - An Homeopathic Preview - Dose One

Disclaimer: images and comments below are from a preview copy of the upcoming Pride of Nations grand strategy game from AGEOD/Paradox. These images and content may not reflect what we will get in the final release version.

This is a game that I have been aching to play.

I got a preview copy and after a couple of hours of playing through the tutorials, it looks like a great game. I'm going to take it easy in my posts, because Pride of Nations appears to be a couple of notches more involved than the latest Revolution Under Siege. Thus, if you don't mind the homeopathic delivery of content ...

Right off the bat, I noticed some stuff that may have been in other AGEOD releases (I apologize if so), but that is new to me. I thought of sharing some screenies with you.

Those merchant ships are animated. They keep running while you plot your turn's moves.

The military situation in Europe at the beginning of the game. Note the forces icons ... they have NATO size symbols now!
When zoomed out, the maps offers a great, un-cluttered view of the main military units. 
Military Mode tutorial. On the job training: crush the rebels!


Bryan said...

Overall... what is your direct opinion of the game, mate. VII left a lot of "want" in this iteration.

JC said...

Hi Bryan,

I am very enthusiastic about this game, so far. But inching, one feature at a time here. The preview version is limited in its features. There are many ledger pages that are not active. Right now. I am going to war against the Russians as the Japanese.