Monday, February 14, 2011

DCS: A-10C Warthog - Dropping Bombs

I'm feeling particularly courageous these days and decided that I should start a serious and methodical learning regime on the A-10's ordnance usage.

The DCS series pilot's manuals have not worked out very well for me. They are very detailed, but I just can't learn from them.

So I am reading forums checking YouTube videos and cross-referencing with the manual. Not so methodical, but well at least to figure out what I don't know. Wait! That is an easy one: I know nothing! :)

 I'm totally hooked with this simulator. I love flying it, I love the avionics, the targeting system ... I feel all geeked up with all the systems and button presses.

Yesterday I erased my old controllers profile. I'm using a CH Products HOTAS/Rudder Pedals combo and I mapped these controllers more or less in line with the real A-10 HOTAS. The stick was easy as it is very similar to the real one, at least button-wise. The CH Throttle not so charming, but oh well ... The idea is that if the realA-10  HOTAS is mapped that way, it must be very close to the optimal.

So, let me post here a video from a guy nicknamed ExcessiveHeadSpace. Absolutely great videos on DCS A-10. Make sure to visit his videos at YouTube and leave some feedback. He deserves a big thank you!



Headspace said...

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I'm going to be making more videos in the near future as time permits.

JC said...

Thanks to you for the videos. Looking forward for more.


Troy said...

Interesting read, my biggest issue with DCS is trying to configure my x52 Pro to be the most effective. I'm forever adjusting and redesigning the control setup to try and find one that works.