Friday, December 3, 2010

Panzer Campaigns Goes Downloadable - Kharkov 43

Panzer Campaigns, the great series from John Tiller has gone the digital download route. The first title available is Kharkov 43 and its from John Tiller's website and store.

All other John Tiller titles are available from HPS Simulations at this time. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Has John Tiller parted from HPS?

Kharkov 43 has some minor differences from the other Panzer Campaigns titles but it is still Panzer Campaigns.

The new game has a moderate DRM device on it: you are given a serial number and with it you can activate it via the internet. Apparently you can only have one copy of the game installed at a time.

Some screenshots follow. Another fine study of the Eastern Front.



Anonymous said...

I was all over this today on my wargaming blog I think it is great news!

Seydlitz said...

I have JTs Campaign Series. Why should I buy this? Is PC improved over CS?

Anonymous said...

This is a new title. Not Kharkov 42, this is Kharkov 43

More details on the game at my site and the drama on the serial number installs (see the link above)

Anonymous said...

And yes Panzer Campaigns is a huge improvement and more focused on individual battles. Remember CS is a Matrix Owned title that John does not support anymore. Panzer Campaigns are his ongoing titles that he continues to publish now and update.

Matrix got the rights to CS and they are the owners of that now

Seydlitz said...

I just bought it and played a little aroiund. Its really superior to CS.

JC said...

Ey guys,

Thanks for your comments.

Bluntforce, I like your blog. I will add it to the blog roll this evening.

Seydlitz, glad you bought it. It is a great system.


Anonymous said...

guys, why in my map there's no village/town name?