Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Red Pill is Getting Serious Media Attention

Just when everybody is scratching their heads about why the world needs another re-re-re-release of Harpoon with no new content and no significant bugs fixed, The Red Pill's Dimitris Dranidis got interviewed by the very Armchair General.

I'm both ecstatic and anxious about The Red Pill. Here is to the Red Pill Team, wishing them a great success with their naval war game.



Dimitris said...

Thanks for the support, much appreciated :-)

We had a few new screenshots out as well:

Myk said...

Thanks JC

Mike M

JC said...

Thanks for dropping by, gents.
Congratulations on the interview. Looking forward to this game, fellows.


Grimm said...

Really waiting for this game, looks quite exciting, and I keep an eye on it since the first time I've heard about it on your blog.

Other subject, as I may have told you before I'm quite interested in ArmA / Arma 2 (I made the Virtual trainingSpace 'modmission', you may have heard about it), and i'm currently developping something new here, some kind of tactical mod for Arma 2 (I thought you may be curious about it, not really advertising ;) ) :

Cheers, and keep us informed about your gaming/reading!

JC said...

Hi Grimm,

Thanks for your comment.
Your mod looks awesome. Looking forward to it. Any ETA?


Grimm said...

Hi JC,

Still coding the AI, as i would like it to be able of adaptation. The game is actually playable in versus mode, player commander and troopers (or AI) versus player commander and troopers (or AI).

I had to slow down a little, as it was more and more time consumer (my main activity after work), and as i wanted to spend some more time irl ;) . But I would like to release it at the end of the year, or at least on january.

If you're interested, I'll be pleased to give you an alpha, but I assumed you were quite busy with all your current games and top-notch AAR you're making around here :-)

JC said...

Ey Grimm,

Take your time.
RE: the AI, that will be interesting to see. For those ArmA scenarios about the maneuver warfare thing ... that will be the bomb.