Monday, September 27, 2010

9th Company - Great Movie About the Soviet-Afghan War

Saw this one during the weekend. If you don't already know about the real event that inspired this movie, take a look here.

9th Company is a great movie, but the narrative is a bit strange and leaves you wanting for more. In particular, I wished that the boot camp portions of the movie would have been a bit shorter, allowing more time for the patrols and combat in Afghanistan.

The amount of Soviet hardware shown in the movie is mind-blowing. Please take a look at the images below.

Favorite scene: an evening (or dawn?) exchange of taunts and shots between paratroopers in an outpost and Mujahideen in the surrounding hills.

Not so favorite scene: last stand scene felt a bit like taken from a Call of Duty game. Movies will be movies, I guess.

Besides explicit war violence, the movie has a sex scene. This scene has a message to it and it's not that explicit. But don't watch this movie with your kids. Or your mother in law.



Anonymous said...

THX for sharing the pics (why not the scene-with-the-message ?).

Might buy this DVD as well.

Rgds, K

JC said...


Believe me, you are better off with your regular adult entertainment venue. :)