Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Right Time to Attack is Always in the Past - Scourge of War

The game: Scourge of War (Norbsoft)
Sandbox scenario - Division against Division - Yours truly vs computer-controlled Confederates
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I thought I had all things in place for a quick victory: my Division split in half, one brigade to skirmish against the advance of the Confederates and other brigade waiting on the reverse side of the slope of a hill, well  hidden from view alongside most of my artillery. The plan was to pop up from the reverse side of the hill with these guys and smash the Confederates below.

For a few minutes the Confederates appear to take the bait and move towards my skirmishers ... but my ruse starts to go awry when I am not able to pull out my men in due time. The Confederates overrun my skirmishers and close in with the main line. Are the Confederates charging? These are madmen! Cold steel here, and also there ... The slaughter is horrendous. Time for the rest of my boys' appearance act from the top of the hill.

What? The artillery is still not up in the hill?
The horses can't pull the cannons up to the hill  because of a crevice in the terrain. This terrain accident can be jumped over by even a small kid. Yet today, it has become as big as the canyon that separates the alive from the dead.

Then, more bad news. The Confederates are on our left flank, threatening the whole brigade that I had out of contact. My ambush has been ambushed.

I see the Confederates forming up at my left flank (see screenshot below) and I think that this would have been the perfect time to hit them with my artillery. Are my cannons coming up this bloody hill? My saber can't point my boys to victory and my mind can only think about the perverse nature of this transaction of violence we call battle.  


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