Sunday, August 29, 2010

Light Forces with Heavy Fire Support - ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead British Armed Forces

To accompany an ages-old military tradition that requires every British infantryman to have balls of steel,  your Majesty's grunts have a penchant to go light into places where others go heavy.

Take the Paras as an example, with their patrol platoons conducting recce in the middle of Taliban country riding in Land Rover WMIKs

ArmA 2 doesn't feature the Land Rover WMIK (pity, JCOVE has it), so instead I am playing around in the editor with the Jackal WMIK, which has a bit more armor. Riding in a Jackal through a city full of insurgents was quite a thrill. I bet these things can be taken out by a Molotov cocktail.

Not that we were defenseless. That 50 cal in the top of the Jackal can inflict some serious pain. See below the poor insurgent getting it from 800+ meters away.

With the editor having so many options, I added a flight of two Apaches to see what they could do for us.

Terrifying. The Apaches cleaned up and the mission was literally over! See below one of the Apaches unleashing lead.

I will have to balance this scenario. Maybe adding some serious AAA assets for the insurgents. But now I am curious and I am going to try this test mission from the insurgent's point of view. I bet I won't last a second.



Olav said...

From 1:30 and up, the author and the host describes "microterrain" in which insurgents could survive artillery and 500 pound bombs.

...imagine that on the flatlands of turkey shoot Arma2 ;)

Think we'll ever see such features unless very abstracted?

JC said...

Another great interview Olev.

You have a sharp mind, my friend.