Sunday, August 29, 2010

Don't Take Your Tank to No-Tank-Country

I just bought the V2.538 upgrade for Steel Beasts ProPE (link opens a pdf with the release notes).

There new AI-controlled tanks and vehicles plus improvements to the engine. The new map objects that you can add within the editor sound great. Yet I hadn't try any of those yet. Hell, I have a lot of to-play scenarios yet!

Just to prove how rusty I am after the summer hiatus, the screenshot below shows me in the middle of a hopeless tanker blunder. I was trying to infiltrate (LOL, how do you infiltrate a 60+ ton behemot like the Abrams tank?) through a patch of woods and I was caught by enemy tanks who diligently dispatched me ... from the comfort of their prepared position located 3 Km away.

 When there is very little room to maneuver out of trouble ... who is the first crew member to get killed? The driver!



UsF said...

You're always smarter afterwards. :)

"from the comfort of their prepared position located 3 Km away." -- Damn camper AI!!!1

JC said...

Ey UsF,
Thanks for your comment. The AI has a goddamn great position there. I wouldn't blame them! :)