Friday, July 9, 2010

ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead - Counter IED Hunter Killer Tactics

Well that was the idea anyway ...

In this fictional scenario, me and my virtual men are trying to capture insurgents that according to HUMINT plan to emplace mines/IEDs in a road span near the village of Sakhe. The objective is to capture them alive for interrogation.

I wanted to experiment with the so-called "hunter-killer" tactics for counter-IED operations. A detailed explanation of these tactics can be found in the January-February 2008 issue of the Armor magazine (Hunter-Killer Teams, by Mjr. Mark Aitken, page 18). Of course this scenario features far less troops than in real life.

The "hunter" team is composed of a squad leader and a marksman. They are emplaced in a vintage vantage point up in the hills.

A full squad of infantry is the "killer" team. They are down the valley, hidden until the last moment.

The thermal sights of the squad leader from the "hunter" team picked up a group of insurgents down the road (white shapes in the third quadrant of the aiming cross).

Warned by the "hunter" team and in command of the "killer" team, I maneuvered the squad as two separate fire teams. Under the concealment of terrain and vegetation, one fire team approached the insurgent group from the north and the other team (closer to me) from the south. I wanted to force these insurgents to surrender.

Unfortunately, even when I ordered my troops to hold fire until the last possible moment, the insurgents took the first shot and we were forced to open up on them. Two insurgents fell prey to the well-aimed fire from the north fire team. Two other insurgents fled south using the road, right into where I was waiting with the south fire team. They aimed their rifles at us, but we got them before they could fire.

The two first enemy casualties, in the background.

These two were fleeing ...

The thermals in ArmA 2 are fantastic

I know we are not the police department, but I would like to see the enemy to surrender in this scenario. :)



Paolo said...

Ehrm, I like everything. Really.

Except is "Vantage Point" not "Vintage".


JC said...

ESOL strikes back! Thanks Sir Paolo :)

Roman said...

did you synchronize a´surrender´ module with the Insurgentteam?

JC said...

Hi Roman,

No, I didn't sychronize the module with the team. I thought I just had to drop the module in the map. Maybe that's why it didn't work?