Tuesday, April 13, 2010

VBS2 Lite US Army, Access to Civilians Still in Legal Limbo

According to Bob Dalton and this announcement, VBS2 Lite US Army was to be available to anybody without restrictions. It was later recognized that the EULA contains language that restricts access to non-DoD personnel. A new version of VBS2 Lite US Army, with a corrected EULA was to be released ... still waiting.

Besides US Army units, VBS2 Lite US Army included an Afghanistan map.

If you know anything about VBS2 Lite US Army, please comment using the link below.


P/S:  Nothing gives me more pleasure than filing this entry under an "ArmA 2" tag. I don't know what the hell is wrong with the overzealous, Spanish-inquisition moderators at Bohemia Interactive forums who continuously shun people for posting about this simulator under excuses of topic (this is not ArmA 2) and now legality (apparently is not legal to even talk about this). It feels good to be both right and in control.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it looks like those who downloaded it before it was removed may have lucked out. It seems that the U.S. Army in it's infinite wisdom may be changing their mind where it concerns a civie version.



JC said...

Ey Bryan,

Thanks for your comment.

I would imagine that the America's Army team wouldn't be so pleased to have another "official" US Army game out there.


Anonymous said...

Especially one where the kiddies attempt a run and gun style of play and simply die constantly. I'd imagine this sim would have the opposite effect for recruiting.

Anonymous said...

Im one of those luckers that acquired a copy before the downloadlinks were removed. -:)

If ur interested mailto:

Goldline321 at h0tmail c0m