Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tank-Infantry Teams in ARMA 2: Protecting an immobile tank (Part 2)

This is a continuation from Part 1. A stationary tank has to be protected from close assault with RPGs or other AT portable weapons. In this entry, the USMC rifle squad deploys for its mission.

The tank was assigned a firing sector just at its front (12 o' clock).

The squad's fire teams were deployed as follows: fire team red anchored to the hill at 3 o'clock, fire team blue in the upper part of the gentle ridge at 6 o'clock and fire team green anchored to the hill at 9 o'clock.

As I mentioned before, I avoid the top of hills like the plague. In accordance to that, fire team red was deployed hugging the hill at 3 clock like a necklace on the neck of a bride. At mid distance from the base to the top, two Marines were oriented towards 1 o'clock and the other two oriented towards 4 o'clock.

 Two Marines from the red fire team at 1 o'clock.

And two more at 4 o'clock.

At 6 o'clock, fire team blue had the highest ground of all my forces. I personally oriented each Marine in this fire team in a way that covers most of the great fields of fire available from their position. I was in quite a dilemma while deploying these Marines. They are in high terrain with little cover, but they can see quite a lot of the probable avenues of approach from a considerable distance. I hoped all they lost in cover could be compensated by the relatively great distance they could put between the enemy and them.

Fire team blue. The stationary tank is to the left. Note how the Marines are oriented into different directions.

Roughly at 9 o'clock, fire team green. I was thrilled to find a great key hole position for the automatic rifleman.

10 o'clock. An automatic rifleman and a rifleman from fire team green in a wonderful key hole position, almost walled between two gentle slopes to their sides.

8 o'clock. The fire team leader and a rifleman from fire team green take position at one of the walls of the key hole position mentioned above.

Coming up, the epilogue of a mission that ended up being too much for a single USMC rifle squad.



Shelldrake said...

Last line sounds ominous - looking forward to the epilogue!

JC said...

Hi Shelldrake,

I'm loosing so much virtual Marines and equipment these days that this one will be no news! :)

Stay tuned.