Thursday, April 29, 2010

Achtung Panzer Kharkov 1943, New Review at Training and Simulation Journal

This war game keeps getting very good reviews everywhere. Now at both the online and print editions of Training and Simulation Journal, a review by Michael Peck.

The ultimate pass-fail for a tactical game is immersiveness, and that is where “Achtung Panzer” shines above the rest of the tactical RTS pack. Too many tactical games tend to be crowded free-for-alls that demand constant clicking at the expense of decision making. “Achtung Panzer” depicts the loneliness of the modern battlefield, with only a few squads or vehicles in a square kilometer.
The game's weak points (interface and manual) are also mentioned. But overall the review is a thumbs up. Congratulations Graviteam!



Anonymous said...

Terrific review, and an accurate summation of what's great and not-so-great about this game. The immersion factor is not to be taken lightly -- that "je ne sais quoi" of atmosphere, unpredictability, and desperate fighting keeps pulling me back to AP night after night. Very few recent games have hit the sweet spot for devoted wargames the way Graviteam has with AP.

JC said...

Thanks for your comment.
This game came totally out of the blue. I'm delighted with it too.


Singleton Mosby said...

Achtung Panzer indeed is a great game and I can't read too many new reviews about it. Very nice review and you are completely right in pointing out the flaws, flaws which are understandable if you consider the game is made by a team which also develops simulators fot he Ukranian army. If the developers will solve these they have a gem of a series on their hands.
More Kharkov in their next game and after that on to Kursk!

JC said...

Hi SB! :)

I didn't know these guys do things for the Ukranian Army.

Love your blog. I will add it to my blog roll this evening.